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Worthing Tide Guide 2024

Worthing Tide Guide 2024

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Tide times in the UK vary around the coast depending on the position of the moon, sun and various other influences. Using tide tables generated from tidal prediction data, it is possible to see where and when a high tide will occur on any date at a given location.

This handy book is created using licensed UKHO predictions - the same data
used by the BBC and other media organisations. The times have been adjusted to account for British Summer Time where applicable and included sunrise/sunset times and moon phases.

When the tide at Worthing is low, it's really low. Knowing when is the best time to plan your swim, paddle board or be able to walk along the sand and rock pools can mean Worthing beach the most pleasurable experience. 

The guide lists sunrise, sunset, high and low tide as well as the moon phase daily for the while year. 

Booklet measures 10 cm x 15 cm.

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