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Pott Candles

Standard Pott Candle Refill

Standard Pott Candle Refill

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Each Pott is 8cm high, 7.5cm wide approximately. Every Pott is hand-made. Because of this, each one is unique so may look slightly different to the picture and sizes may vary. That is the beauty of a handcrafted product: it is totally unique and each one has it's own personalityEvery Pott is designed to be refilled with custom-made candle refills, which are 290g, burn for 60 hours and are made with natural rapeseed & coconut wax

How it works.

Choose a Pott in speckle, heather or sage and then choose the fragrance you would like for your candle. 

  • Orangery - orange blossom, rosemary, basil & cedar wood.

  • Eucalyptus - eucalyptus, bay & clove bud.

  • Eden - vertiver, cedarwood, bergamot & lemon.

  • Fig - Fig leaves, raspberry, woods.

  • Lavendula - Bergamot, lavender, clary sage.

  • Pomegranate - lemon, pomegranate, amber.

    If you wish to start with a Pott and candle you can find them here.

    About the maker.

    Pott’s foundations are in two very simple ideas: love your planet and support local artisan makers. Oh, and always be kind!

    In the UK every year 360 million candles are burned, so ‘what happens to all the empty candle pots?’. They’re either in the bin or tucked away in the back of a cupboard thinking one day you’ll find a use for them.

    Small changes make a big impact and Pott wants to make it easy for you to enjoy candles in a more sustainable way, whilst also supporting local and independent UK-based artisans. One Pott can be refilled as many times as you wish.

    The Potts are hand thrown by potters across the UK. If you’re only going to have one candle Pott you may as well make it a nice one! And what is nicer than a product that has been lovingly handcrafted by a skilled artisan. Because the Potts are handmade, they are all slightly different and have their own little is your own unique Pott, handcrafted just for you. 

    All the candles are lovingly blended and hand-poured, using natural wax with 100% natural essential oils and sustainable fragrance oils. 
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