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Uvas Frescas

Solid Conditioner Bar

Solid Conditioner Bar

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The fresh grapes solid conditioner is enriched with cocoa butter, coconut oil, Camellia and mango, active ingredients of natural origin that hydrate, nourish and revitalise the hair, leaving it soft and shiny for longer. Contains Inulin, a natural prebiotic that strengthens the hair's immune barrier.

A more concentrated formula means it does not contain water in its composition or require preservatives.

Suitable for all types of hair.

How to use : Rub the baar with your hands and apply the emulsion to damp hair, from mid-lengths to ends. Gently massage, leave for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Theobroma cacao Butter (Cacao), Sodium Cocoyl Lsethionate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cococs Nucifera Oil* (Coco), Prunus amygdalus Dulcis Oil* (Almendras Dulces), Butyrospermum Parkii Butter* (Karite), Margnifera India Seed Butter (Mango), Parfum, Camelia oleifera Seed Oil* (Camelia), Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil (Abisinia), Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil* (Uva), Inulin (Prebiotic), Tocopherol, Linalool, Geraniol, Cl77007.

Made in Spain.

About Uvas Frescas.

Laura Muga, Founder of Uvas Frescas says, 

'Vineyards, Black & White Grapes, Wines, Grape Harvest, Winery, French Oak, Decanting, Garnacha, Tempranillo…” this has been the music I’ve listened to since I was a little child. I was born in a small vintner village of La Rioja where I learnt to admire and appreciate my parent’s dedication (to wine culture). This is where the origin of Uvas Frescas began. My ongoing passion for the wide world of wines has now been put into my line of organic cosmetics, all made from natural grapes. I have always been interested in the benefit grapes have for our health. Scientists are crystal clear; grapes have great antioxidant properties thanks to the Resveratrol compound that combats the ageing process. While discovering what grapes might offer us I got to thinking… the idea was there, it just needed to take shape!'

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