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Daisy Jordan

Seagull 5

Seagull 5

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Acrylic on cardboard. 

Hand painted, build repurposed cardboard to make a 3D wall hung artwork with observed detail of Daisy's chosen subject.

Dimensions: 11 x 10.5 x 11 cm. 

About the artist.

Originally born and raised in Dartford, Kent, Daisy is a visual artist and puppeteer currently based in Brighton, England. She enjoys working with a variety of media, from painting and cut-outs, to sculpture and performance. She works by collecting stories, bits of narrative, ideas and materials.

Her work tends to explore the boundary between human and “other”, with a particular focus on non-human primates. For her, our ever-changing relationship with, and perception of, our simian cousins encapsulates (or serves as a microcosm of) our interconnection with the natural world in a more general sense. Hovering on the seeming boundary between human and other, monkeys and apes have always aroused in us feelings of fascination and discomfort, and this, as a result, has led to their exploitation.

Daisy aims to explore and scrutinise this boundary, as well as to challenge and reflect on her own life-long interest in these creatures.

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