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Replaceable Bamboo Toothbrush Head Refills - Pack of Three

Replaceable Bamboo Toothbrush Head Refills - Pack of Three

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Excellent bamboo brush heads that simply twist and lock into place. A pack of three replacement brush heads tailor made the Evermore Toothbrush.

  • Provide an excellent clean
  • Majority plant-based bristles.  60% Bamboo and 40% Nylon.
  • 3x Replaceable cork spacer
  • 3x Replaceable bamboo heads
  • Made from Moso Bamboo, Cork and nylon (trace)
  • Bristle Strength = Medium
  • Recommend to change the brush heads every 3-4 months
  • D12mm | H 8cm

Moso Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials available.

About the toothbrushes.

Stainless steel handle toothbrush with replaceable bamboo heads designed  in Newcastle, UK. This unique bamboo toothbrush features a reusable stainless steel handle to keep forever and replaceable bamboo brush heads. The self-standing design means the handle never goes soggy like bamboo toothbrushes do and means they last so much longer.

One stainless steel handle with one bamboo brush head with plant-based bristles. There is a cork spacer and come in recyclable tube packaging. Sustainable materials: Stainless steel, bamboo, cork, nylon. Replacement refill heads sold separately. Designed & assembled in Newcastle (UK).

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