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A Fan Of

Primary Colours - Maxi Fan

Primary Colours - Maxi Fan

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This stunning creation is a celebration of colour, rhythm, and the sheer joy of artistic expression. It is a testament to skill and spontaneity, capturing the essence of each hue in a dynamic dance of form and movement.

These fans are authentic masterpieces, handcrafted with care, testimonies of the rich tradition of authentic Spanish craftsmanship. Here, where craftsmanship and consciousness achieve a harmonious combination of functionality and ecological awareness.

  • Mini size: closed 42cm, open 50cm
  • 100% cotton
  • Natural pear wood
  • Eco passport by Oeko-tex inks
  • 100% recycled paper packaging

About the maker.

A FAN OF fans are unique pieces, designed in Barcelona and handmade locally in Spain, using sustainable materials and processes. Their desire is to recover the tradition of the fan through an innovative, honest and empowered perspective. 

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