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The Organic Company

Organic Tea Bag Set

Organic Tea Bag Set

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Box of 1 small  tea bag + 1 medium  tea bag + 1 stick.

Millions of tea bags are used once and dumped daily?
Replace single-use tea bags and enjoy your favourite tea in this reusable tea bag. Made in organic and food-approved unbleached cotton for a cleaner cup of tea.

Dimensions: 8 x 10 cm + 9 x 14 cm

Cotton care.

  • Machine wash at 20 to 60℃ (68-140 F).
  • Wash at lowest possible temperatures and with similar colours.
  • Use nature-friendly detergents.
  • Tumble dry at a low heat or, if needed, then use dryer balls to shorten the drying time.
  • Preferably do not tumble dry.
  • Hang out to dry naturally.
  • Avoid using softener as this reduces the absorbency of the product and most softeners are harmful for nature (if not 100% cleansed at the wastewater treatment plant)
  • Instead of softener you may add a little bit of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle. The vinegar will help strip away some residue from detergent or lime.

About the company.

Great functionality, cool design and organic cotton are the foundation of The Organic Company.

All products are made of organic cotton and certified with the international organic standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).This standard focuses on 2 major areas; environment and social responsibility, and guarantees that all fabrics are free from toxins and heavy metals, and international workers rights are respected.

Honesty, transparency and an ambitious wish to make a difference is a rock solid foundation for the company, founded by entrepreneur Joy Vasiljev in 2007.

The Organic Company works with organic cotton because it matters! They do thorough design, as they believe in the less-but-better way of life.

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