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Miniature Ceramic Pot by SGW Lab

Miniature Ceramic Pot by SGW Lab

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Designed by Yuta Segawa

Glazed porcelain slip cast and hand cast in london. A combination of matte and gloss glazing.

Small approximately 20-30mm
Medium approximately 30-60mm 
Large approximately 55-85 mm

As the vases are handmade, each piece may differ slightly in colour and shape.

When ordering, please check the image for the piece you want and we will check it's in stock. Any questions, please email

About the artist. 

SGW Lab is a ceramic studio which was founded 
by an artist Yuta Segawa in 2018.

Yuta Segawa is a Japanese ceramic artist specialising in producing miniature pottery. He learned advanced ceramic skills in Japan and China and developed them into the technique of creating miniature pots in London. All his miniature pots are thrown individually by hand and he uses more than a thousand of his own original glazes. Miniature pottery relates to the issue of the relationship between artists’ bodies and their works. It is a challenge to test the limits of what a human body can make on such a small scale.

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