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Aeyglom Ceramics

Medium Stem Vase in Green

Medium Stem Vase in Green

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Perfect for a stem or two from your garden these handmade porcelain vases look stunning on with just one or two fresh or dried flowers any time of the year. Coming in two different sizes and various colours you can combine to create unique and flexible arrangements or table settings.

The colour stain is added to the porcelain slip and glazed only on the inside giving a warm tactile feel to the pieces.

The hand-made nature plus variation of the material gives subtly different pieces with the occasional curve.

Material: Porcelain

Size: Medium Approx D35mm x H142mm

About the Maker

Aey's collection is designed and made in her garden studio at home in West Sussex. Each piece has been handmade in small batches, using an industrial technique called slip casting. This intricate process involves pouring liquid porcelain into plaster moulds to form a layer inside the mould, with time and patience, requiring careful handling and drying to prevent warping during firing. Each piece is cast with layers of both natural and coloured porcelain slip giving clean lines and bold colours. The individual pieces are carefully hand-finished, glazed inside and polished to give a soft tactile feel.
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