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Koh I Noor

Mechanical Clutch Leadholder Pencil in Gold

Mechanical Clutch Leadholder Pencil in Gold

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Mechanical propelling pencil in metal. Used for writing and drawing with lead of 5,6 mm in diameter.

The lead is moved by pressing the sharpener knob in leaned pencil position, which opens the clamp and the lead is slid out. The lead can be sharpened, with the sharpener is located in the knob. 

About Koh I Noor.

The court princely architect Joseph Hardtmuth laid down the foundations of the company in 1790, from which his descendants, especially his son Carl and grandson Franz, have created one of the world's largest companies in its field.

A number of significant innovations in the field of writing instruments comes from the KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH factory, and many have become industry standard.

Koh-I- Noor Hardtmuth also has several achievements. In 1900, the iconic yellow pencil 1500 won the prestigious award at Grand Prix in Paris and became the most famous pencil in the world.

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