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Emily Marston

Layered Stoneware Ceramic Trinket Dish Nerikomi Pattern

Layered Stoneware Ceramic Trinket Dish Nerikomi Pattern

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A minimal, patterned handmade dish.

An intricately patterned, handcrafted dish created with layers of hand coloured stoneware clay in black or blue.

The colours and forms are inspired by water, sky and Emily's local landscape. She uses the grounding quality of clay to explore ideas of flow, balance and connection to nature. Circles will often feature in her work as a symbol of continuity and the cycle of seasons and nature.

Each dish is handmade by me, in my garden studio in East Oxford using Nerikomi - a traditional Japanese technique of layering coloured clay and slicing through to reveal patterns. They're fired twice and glazed with a smooth gloss clear glaze. They are all completely unique and individual pieces and the one you receive may differ slightly from the image shown.

Approx. dimensions. Width 11 cm. 2 cm in depth

Each piece is made carefully by hand which means that they are all completely unique and individual pieces.

About Emily Marston.

Emily Marston is a ceramicist based in Oxford. She works in small batches to create minimal ceramic artworks, influenced by nature and architectural design. Water – sea, river, lake, as well as open skies and the landscape around where she lives in Oxfordshire all have an impact on her work.

She is attracted to minimalist architectural design, particularly buildings that fully embrace and work with nature in a sustainable way. This contrast of the natural and built environment also feeds into the shapes that she creates.​

Before finding pottery, Emily studied Fine Art Painting at Winchester School of Art, followed by History of Art and Architecture when she moved to Oxford. She spent over ten years curating and promoting the work of artists and designer makers and is still passionate about championing other artists, appreciating the love that goes into anything handmade.

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