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Piccolo Seeds

Kitchen Herbs Seed Collection

Kitchen Herbs Seed Collection

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A deluxe collection of three seed packets that are delicious, easy to grow, quick to harvest and vibrantly green when added to food.

Contains three seed packets of:

  • Brussels Winter Chervil
  • Fine Leaf Chives
  • Gigante d'Italia Parsley

Standard Open Pollinated Seed, No Hybrid, GMO Free. The pack comes with full instructions of have to plant, grow and take care of your herbs.

About Piccolo

Seed for contemporary gardens. Good things come in small packages. 

Piccolo, as the name implies, specialises in researching and selecting dwarf vegetables that have compact habits, suitable for growing in pots on a balcony or terrace in an urban vegetable garden, specially designed for terrace gardens and small space.

Along with vegetables, Piccolo thinks a balcony garden should also be beautiful so they also offer fruits, edibles flowers and herbs. Their selected seeds are packed with sustainable and completely recyclable materials. 

All the varieties are open-pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO.

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