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Risza Jewellery

Gema Hoops with Semi Precious Stones

Gema Hoops with Semi Precious Stones

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Organic signature hoops adorned with natural gems. Each piece is made to order, so expect individuality.

There are 4 Lapis Lazuli gems on each hoop. Available in silver or 24K Gold plated sterling silver. 

Or Rani Pink Jade stone in Sterling Silver.

Approximate measurements of the gems are 2mm – 2.5mm. Hoops are 1.8 cm

Material: Sterling Silver.
Handmade by Risza in Brighton.

About Risza Jewellery

Risza Jewellery is based in Brighton, England. Risza discovered her passion for jewellery-making in Dili, Timor – Leste, her ancestors homeland 10 years ago. She was inspired by watching traditional Timorese silversmiths making jewellery, and started to experiment and teach herself. She has also learnt various techniques from different teachers around the world, the learning journey continues.

Risza's work is mostly influenced by Timorese ceremonial and traditional objects, which have stories and meaning behind each of them.

As her techniques developed and her designs evolved, she now incorporates semiprecious stones and different shapes in her designs.

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