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Aroma Oil Warmer in Black

Aroma Oil Warmer in Black

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Aroma Oil Warmer brings about a pleasant shift in your day. The design is reminiscent of a coffee equipment and adds warmth to your interior space. The heat-resistant glass cup and the stainless steel stand both have simple structures which are easy to maintain and clean. 

Dimensions : W78 x D70 x H110 mm  - Cup φ65 x H60 mm / 65 ml - Stand W78 x D70 x H96 mm

Heat-resistant glass | Maximum temperature differential: 150℃/302℉ | Dishwasher safe

How to use.

  • Pour water or warm water about 30ml in the cup.
  • Add 5-6 drops of aroma/essential oil.
  • Do not pour in boiling water.
  • Please note that a large volume of hot water in the glass cup may cause a sudden boil.
  • 30 minutes is recommended for use time.
  • The glass cup detaches easily from the stand for washing and maintenance. After use, please check that the glass has completely cooled down. Then, wipe the glass with alcohol such as ethanol or wash with neutral detergent.

About Kinto

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