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Laura Jane Scott

Component Series 032

Component Series 032

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A unique, small and playful wall-mounted piece painting by artist, Laura Jane Scott.

Wood and Interior Paint
Approx. 12cm x 24cm
Supplied with split batten for mounting.

See Laura's collection here.

About Laura Jane Scott

Laura Jane Scott’s desire for formal simplicity through geometric form and striking use of colour has enabled her to produce a body of work where painting explores a model of architectural form and where the colour literally embodies a physical structure. The resulting work is a hybrid of painting and sculpture; a refined visual vocabulary of form and colour.

The elegant simplicity of Laura’s work belies the systematic rigour behind it. Working in series, she explores the idea of ‘possibilities within boundaries’. Drawing on principles from minimalist architecture, hard edge abstraction and conceptual art, she takes a basic form and draws out all the possible arrangements that can be made by laying one shape on top of another. Once every iteration has been explored, final compositions are chosen instinctively, based on their feeling of balance and form.

The sleek, even coloured surfaces are painted delicately so that they are free of gestural brush strokes and fields of saturated clean-edged colour appear to float on the surface of the wall.

"My aim is always to express an idea as simply and as elegantly as possible. To strip everything back to only what is necessary to communicate that idea. My work is primarily an exploration of balance, of positive and negative space, of presence and absence."

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