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Möbius & Ruppert

Brass Double Hole Wedge Sharpener

Brass Double Hole Wedge Sharpener

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The Möbius & Ruppert Brass Double Wedge sharpener is a classic sharpener.

  • Double cone
  • 8.2 mm long cone and 11.2 mm short cone.
  • Made in Germany.
About the maker. 

At Möbius + Ruppert, the manufacture of quality products has always represented both a commitment and a goal. The quality of M+R sharpeners is down to their products being conceived, designed and produced in-house in Germany using company produced blades with an extremely long service life, corrosion protection, high surface hardness and ideal pencil guidance.

The company forefather, Theodor Paul Möbius, was the first to industrially manufacture a sharpener. The company was founded in 1922 and since then, they have continuously carried this innovative spirit along. Their premium products are made in Erlangen in the heart of the European pencil industry.
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