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Jo Cranston

Sussex Field Scarf in Lugano

Sussex Field Scarf in Lugano

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Large size scarf with contrasting blocks of traditional rib patterns.
Soft textural medium weight knit with beautiful drape.
Knitted and handmade in Brighton & Hove, England.

100% Scottish spun lambswool. Cool hand wash only. Dry flat.
Dimensions: 200 x 34cm

This very special lambswool is spun by a mill located on the banks of a Scottish loch. Using the pure water from this loch to wash the woollen yarn creates a luxuriously soft handle to the knitwear we make. Only environmentally friendly dyes that conform to REACH standards are used, allowing the water from the dyeing process to be cleaned and safely returned to the loch; a RSPB nature reserve.

Made in England. Cool hand wash only. Dry flat.

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How to wash and care for your lambswool

Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant and therefore does not need to be washed after every wear.
Hang woollen items to air between wears instead.

To wash, gently hand wash in tepid water with clothes washing liquid suitable for wool. Gently squeeze out excess water, do not wring.
Avoid fabric softeners as these coat the fibres and make them less breathable.
Do not machine wash, this will cause shrinkage and felting.

To dry, place item on a towel flat on a clothes airer either outside or near a radiator. Once dry, press into shape using a gentle warm steam iron. Do not tumble dry.

Pilling can naturally occur with wear and can easily be removed with a pilling comb.

To store, fold freshly washed items and store in drawers, with lavender bags and cedar wood balls to deter moths.

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