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Head In The Clouds Graphic Notebook Large

Head In The Clouds Graphic Notebook Large

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Appointments, meetings, commitments, deadlines... don't let these overwhelm you! Better stay with your head in the clouds today, it's so beautiful up here. Fresh, clear air, soothing silence and 256 pages to hide the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lose yourself in daydreams. Your notebook, your time for yourself! Because you've honestly earned it!

Just write, sketch, or draw.

  • 256 Numbered pages
  • 120g premium paper from a sustainable source
  • Grey dot grid 
  • 165 x 220 mm
  • Recycled demin
  • Lay flat binging
  • Edge printing

About Nuuna

Nuuna not only make notebooks to write ideas in, but to look like they’ve had an idea themselves.  Made in their Frankfurt based studio, Nuuna develop new book concepts, testing materials and finishing processes with great attention to detail. Their purpose is to consistently interpret each book in a brand-new way. Their inspiration comes from the things we love most: architecture, fashion, literature, art and design.

All of this, together with our mission for sustainable production, make Nuuna notebooks unique, printed and bound  to the highest standards, and exclusively in Germany. The premium paper comes from sustainably-managed forests.

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