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ROSA Magazine

ROSA Magazine Issue 9

ROSA Magazine Issue 9

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Highlights include working page layouts by the much-loved author-illustrator Raymond Briggs, plus previously unpublished insights into the lives of Dorothy Hepworth, Patricia Preece and Stanley Spencer – you’ll never think of the visionary painter in the same way again.

Highlights include the revolutionary story of Angelica Kauffman’s Diomed and Cressida painting,  an interview with Sussex’s psychedelic ambassador, The Grid’s Richard Norris, plus a conversation with polar artist-explorer Emma Stibbon, and the artist-forger who was hanged for his skills.

Meet our cover artist, the elusive Bob Dixon. Learn the scary truth of Brighton’s London Road viaduct, take the bus to Saltdean Lido, meet baroque choirmaster John Hancorn, examine the sketches of Marilynn Hallam, and find out what gives the South Downs Summer Music its unique vibe.

Regular favourites include Alexandra Loske on the ‘colour’ silver, Imogen Lycett Green on Neolithic Cannibals,  Lulah Ellender on a surreal garden, Joe Decie on the power of the cartoonists’ imagination, Zebedee on Charleston’s forgotten funnyman Stephen Tomlin, Leap Then look, who follow ‘the line’, and our public art expert Alex Grey, who asks if you can separate art and artist, particularly when the artist is a monster.

This issure includes a new series, Meet Your Maker, profiling the county’s craftspeople. 

There’s a seaside special and a guide to buying original prints in our Spend it on Art section. While the ROSA secret collector puts together a ‘starter collection’.

Not to mention the summer’s top shows, festivals and art trails listed in our handy guide, and what to see, where to eat and things to do in Hastings.

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