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Heist Chocolate

Heist 70% Drinking Cocoa Tin

Heist 70% Drinking Cocoa Tin

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It’s real chocolate made for melting with whole milk and cream. 

How best to make it:

Heist recommends to take 35g of drinking chocolate with 170ml of whole milk and 20ml of double cream to create a rich drinking chocolate that’s not too sweet and is to be sipped.

Take a splash of your favourite milk and warm in a pan along with 35g of drinking chocolate and stir with your utensil of choice.

Once you have formed a silky ganache, add the rest of the milk and cream and heat to your desired temperature but don’t boil it!

Pour it into a mug and that’s it!

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

Bean origin: Sambirano Valley, Madagascar.

Cocoa solids: 70% min


About the maker.

Heist is a tiny independent chocolate maker based in Cardiff, Wales which specialises in micro-batches of stone ground chocolate using single origin, organic cocoa beans.

Each batch of beans is turned into lovely chocolate bars in a small factory in the centre of the city. It’s a long process with lots of different steps and can be, at times, a massive pain in the bum. Luckily, there’s a bunch of chocolate at the end to make it all worth it!

About the beans.

MAVA Antsamala cacao has a soft chocolatey profile with low acidity and a remarkable spicy, woody, and nutty flavour with subtle floral hints. Like all cacao from Madagascar, Antsamala has outstanding genetics. Since the first trees were brought to the island, they adapted to the Malagasy climate and soil, resulting in unique hybrids of criollo, trinitario and forastero varieties. The specific growing conditions at Antsamala farm in combination with a carefully designed post-harvesting process result in a unique flavour profile, quite different from other Malagasy cacao qualities. The wet beans are fermented for 6 days on Antsamala farm, followed by drying on wooden racks until the moisture level is below 7%. After thorough screening and picking, the beans are packed in 65 kg jute bags and exported from the port of Antsinarana.”

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